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Enjoy the best of the Aegean – visit Izmir’s coastal towns

The jewel of the Aegean, Izmir is the major resort for holidaymakers who are looking to explore this part of Türkiye with its lovely landscapes and magnificent coastline. Türkiye’s third-largest city, İzmir has been an important Aegean port since ancient times, when it was known as the Greek city of Smyrna; its seafront is as […]

The very best of Izmir with Mick and Trudie

“I am 8,500 years old…” says the city of Homer Did you know that Izmir – or Smyrna as it was called in ancient times – was founded by the legendary female warriors, the Amazons, and was the inspiration of the poet Homer? Attractively situated on the hillsides that line the sweep of the bay, […]