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27th night of Ramadan  – Kadir Gecesi (Laylat al-Qadr)

The 27th night of Ramadan is called Kadir Gecesi, the Night of Power. The greatest night of the Muslim year, this is the sanctified night when the history of Islam began, the night on which the first verses of the Koran are believed to have been revealed to Prophet Muhammed in Mecca in the year 610 […]

All about the holy month of Ramazan

Ramadan, known as Ramazan in Türkiye, is the holy month of Islam. It is believed that the Quran – the Islamic holy book – was revealed to mankind during Ramadan through the Prophet Muhammad.  When is Ramazan? The Islamic calendar is based on lunar cycles, not the Gregorian calendar, which is why the exact date […]