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59th Presidential Cycling Tour of Türkiye

The 59th edition of the Presidential Cycling Tour of Türkiye, under the patronage of the Presidency of the Republic of Türkiye and supported by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, will be held from April 21-28.

Organized traditionally by Turkish Cycling Federation, Presidential Cycling Tour of Türkiye started in 1963 as the “Marmara Tour.”

It gained international status for the first time in 1965 and was included within the sponsorship of the Presidential Office in 1966.

In 2017, the tour was promoted to World Tour category by UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale). 

59th Presidential Cycling Tour of Türkiye

In its 59th year, TUR 2024 will welcome 25 teams, comprising four World Tour Teams, nine ProTeams and 12 Continental Teams from 13 countries.

Athletes in the 59th Presidential Cycling Tour of Türkiye will pedal for a total of 1,253 kilometers.

The 59th Presidential Cycling Tour of Türkiye will span eight stages across eight days, traversing from Antalya to Kemer and Kaş, Fethiye to Marmaris, Bodrum to Kuşadası, and concluding in Istanbul after passing through Manisa and Izmir.

The stages in the Tour of Türkiye 2024

Stage 1: 21 April 2024 Antalya – Antalya (135 km)

Stage 2: 22 April 2024 Kemer – Kaş (Kalkan) (190.4 km)

Stage 3: 23 April 2024 Fethiye – Marmaris (155.4 km)

Stage 4: 24 April 2024 Marmaris – Bodrum (136.8 km)

Stage 5: 25 April 2024 Bodrum – Kuşadası (181.9 km)

Stage 6: 26 April 2024 Kuşadası – Manisa (Spil Dağı) (165.8 km)

Stage 7: 27 April 2024 İzmir – İzmir (179 km)

Following the air transfer of teams from Izmir to Istanbul after the seventh stage, the race will culminate with the Istanbul stage.

Stage 8: 15 28 April 2024 İstanbul – İstanbul (110 km)

Stage maps can be found at this link: https://www.tourofturkiye.org.tr/en/stages

The Presidential Cycling Tour of Türkiye will be broadcast live on Eurosport and TRT Spor.

Sources: Tour of Turkey/Daily Sabah

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  1. Thank you we are in Fethyie on 10th and 11th October 2023 and would like to see the cycling. What time do we need to be there to see the cyclists and at what location for start in Fethyie please?

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