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Enjoy a stay at the iconic Museum Hotel in Türkiye’s Cappadocia

The Museum Hotel in Türkiye’s scenic Cappadocia region is truly unique with its thousands of years of Cappadocian history in every corner. Listed among the world’s 50 best luxurious hotels in 2023, it is the only hotel in Türkiye to be entered in the list, securing its place among the finest hotels worldwide.

Operating since 2003, Museum Hotel, located in Uçhisar, is the world’s first museum concept hotel. It contains hundreds of priceless historical artifacts belonging to the Hittite, Roman, Seljuk, and Ottoman periods, registered in Nevşehir Museum and exhibited (with great care taken) in all the hotel rooms, general areas, cave tunnels, and the hotel restaurant.

The 34 cave and traditional stone rooms at the resort are each decorated in a different style with immaculate attention to detail and breathtaking scenery, with the “Divine Suite” benefitting from one of the best views in the region.

“The biggest and best suites even include large swimming pools inside,” said travel specialist Jonathan Alder.

“The breakfast is amongst the best I’ve ever had in my life, and the dinners are so good you won’t even want to consider another restaurant. They even have their own winery offsite, truly making the entire experience remarkable,” Alder added.

Tolga Tosun, the hotel’s general manager, said: “At Museum Hotel, we always prioritise our mission to offer the highest level of luxury and service to our guests.”

Cappadocia is famed for its valleys, plateaus and hills, its fairy-tale landscape of cones, pillars and mushroom-like chimneys, mysterious underground cities, houses carved into rocks and rock-hewn chapels used by early Christians.

Watch this video to find out more about Cappadocia:

Source: TRT World/The Museum Hotel

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