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Entry to Forests Banned in Muğla Until October 31

In Muğla, known for its high sensitivity to forest fires, access to 50 forest areas has been restricted until October 31, 2024. This decision, implemented by the Muğla Provincial Forest Fire Fighting Commission, begins on June 1 and may be extended if deemed necessary.

During this period, activities such as taking breaks and picnicking in designated forest areas, roadsides, and forest edges are prohibited. Citizens can enjoy picnics only in registered areas, where businesses will ensure fire safety and proper waste management.

Responsibilities for Businesses and Residents

Businesses near forest areas must take precautions against fire risks. It is forbidden to leave flammable, explosive, and other hazardous waste materials in or near forests. During welding operations, companies must have at least two 12 kg fire extinguishers.

The burning of stubble and vegetation in and around forests is strictly prohibited. This rule applies especially to neighborhoods within or adjacent to forests. Harvesting machines in these areas must also have fire extinguishers.

Preventive Measures and Inspections

Facilities and industrial establishments near forests are required to form their own fire protection teams. Municipalities will maintain construction machinery ready for immediate use in garbage storage areas near forests. Energy transmission companies must also ensure the maintenance of lines passing through forest areas.

Patrol systems involving the Forest Administration, Gendarmerie, Police, Coast Guard, and Municipal Police Units will be implemented effectively. The use of fireworks and similar materials in and around forests is banned, and this will be monitored by local authorities.

Public Cooperation and Safety

Citizens are urged to avoid activities that could cause fires, such as leaving combustible materials from vehicles. Fire reports should be directed to the 112 Emergency hotline. Trail hunting and unauthorized boat moorings in forest coastal areas are also prohibited.

This comprehensive set of measures aims to protect Muğla’s forests during the high-risk fire season and ensure public safety and environmental preservation.

Source: Gerçek Fethiye

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