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Fethiye Times News – Week Ending 29th October 2023 – 100 years of Republic

Curated from various news sources.

This week, the news has been dominated by the events taking place to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Modern Republic of Türkiye by Mutafa Kemal Atatürk ın 1923.

We are dedicating this week’s edition of Fethiye Times News to those celebrations.

100th anniversary celebrations in Fethiye

On Saturday, as part of the 100th anniversary celebrations, a wreath-laying ceremony was held at the Atatürk Monument in Beşkaza Square in commemoration of the founder of the Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, and his comrades-in-arms, and to express belief in the eternally bright future of the Republic of Türkiye.

100th anniversary celebrations in Fethiye included a Zeybek Performance by 100 Students and ‘Hello to the Second Century’ with the ‘Dance of 100 Couples’ in Beşkaza Square.

Source: Fethiye Belediyesi

The celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the Republic in Fethiye culminated in the Republic Convoy and March and the Athena Concert at Beşkaza Square.

Source: Fethiye Belediyesi

Adorned with Turkish Flags: The 100 Years of Republic, Istiklal Avenue

Istiklal Avenue, a destination for thousands of local and foreign tourists, is adorned with Turkish flags for the 100th Anniversary celebrations of the Republic

Source: Reuters

100 years of the republic: Portraits of Ankara’s old and new faces

The before and after shots of important monuments in Türkiye’s capital Ankara were brought in a single frame to celebrate the centenary of the foundation of the republic.

In this project, black and white photographs, with a portion reflected on a mobile phone screen, were recaptured from the same angle within a wide frame. The historical structures and symbols were presented side by side, showcasing their past and current conditions.

Source: AA

Pensioner turns house into museum to honor Türkiye’s founder Atatürk

As Türkiye celebrates its centenary this Sunday, one of the most festive places to visit is a two-story house in northwestern Edirne. The house, dedicated to the “father of all Turks,” Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, is converted into a museum by a pensioner Mukaddes Kokeralp Çırak.

The clocks in Çırak’s house still show the moment modern Türkiye’s founder Mustafa Kemal Atatürk died in 1938.

So do the calendars and many other trinkets dedicated to the man who built a brand-new nation out of the Ottoman Empire’s ruins 100 years ago.

“He gave us the republic as a gift,” the 85-year-old said, pointing to a statue of Atatürk seated in an armchair in her living room.

After a lifetime of hard work in Germany, the mother of two returned to Türkiye in 1985. She began collecting objects related to Atatürk upon her husband’s death.

Çırak paid for some items and gathered others, such as calendars and notebooks featuring Atatürk that have been released by banks and even the army through the years.

Her house is now a living tribute to Atatürk, its walls and even facade and garden emblazoned with portraits, photos and other tributes to the onetime field marshal.

Her garage serves as a warehouse for all the photos she no longer has room to hang. She dusts them regularly.

Çırak said her passion came from her great-grandfather, whose family was close to Mustafa Kemal’s in Thessaloniki, a Greek port city that was once part of the Ottoman Empire where Atatürk was born.

The family met Türkiye’s future hero when he was still an officer in the Ottoman Army, where he was doing his military service.

Çırak never misses official commemorative ceremonies and frequently visits schools to talk about Atatürk with younger generations.

She wants her collection to be donated to a museum after her death for Türkiye’s benefit and the rest of the world.

Source: Daily Sabah

Türkiye marks beginning of new century of republic

Weeklong celebrations for the centenary of the Republic of Türkiye culminated in events on Sunday, the day when founder Atatürk declared its start in 1923. President Erdoğan and others paid tribute to Atatürk and vowed to protect his legacy for a stronger Türkiye

The 100th anniversary of the republic was observed with celebrations across the country and in its diplomatic missions abroad.

Events were held with the participation of high-ranking officials in 81 provinces as the nation joined the celebrations with flags and posters of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, founder and first president of the century-old republic.

In the early hours of Sunday, a delegation of government officials and party leaders, generals, and top judges visited Anıtkabir, the mausoleum of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, on the occasion of Republic Day. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan led the delegation paying tributes to Atatürk and his circle of soldiers and state leaders who established the republic after a fierce War of Independence. The delegation laid a wreath at Atatürk’s mausoleum.

Read more here: https://www.dailysabah.com/politics/turkiye-marks-beginning-of-new-century-of-republic/news

Happy 100th birthday to the republic! Here’s to many more centuries!



Thank you to Brian Lloyd for the Fethiyespor update.

Along with the rest of the country, Fethiyespor celebrated 100 years of the Turkish Republic.

Ziraat Cup

Wednesday 1st November at home against Tokat Belediye Plevnespor. The kick-off time is at 14:00. 

Match Results

Fethiyespor won their home match against İskenderunspor on Saturday. The final score was 4-3.

Fethiyespor move up 7th place on the league table with 11 matches played.

League Matches

Sunday 5th November away against Uşakspor. The kick-off time is at 14:00. 

For more information about Fethiyespor please visit:

www. fethiyespor.org

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Turkish Lira (TL) exchange rates

The British Pound bought 34.12 TL by the close of business on Friday. The week before it was selling for 34.01 TL.

The US Dollar bought 28.13 TL by the close of business on Friday. The week before it was selling for 27.98 TL.

The Euro bought 29.74 TL by the close of business on Friday. The week before it was selling for 29.66 TL.

Source: exchangerates.org.uk

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