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Fethiye Times News – Week Ending 30th June 2024

Welcome to our pick of last week’s news from Fethiye and around Türkiye.

Curated from various news sources.


CHP Chairman Özgür Özel to Launch New Sea Bus Service in Muğla and Aydın

On July 1, Cabotage Day, a significant leap in sea transportation will be made with the inauguration of the new Sea Bus Expeditions service, jointly launched by Muğla Metropolitan Municipality and Aydın Metropolitan Municipality. The new service aims to enhance maritime transportation and alleviate highway traffic, especially during the busy summer months.

The official opening ceremony will take place on Monday, July 1, at 13:45, at the Didim D-Marin passenger pier. The event will feature prominent figures, including CHP Chairman Özgür Özel, Muğla Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ahmet Aras, and Aydın Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Özlem Çerçioğlu. The ceremony will mark the commencement of sea bus services on the Bodrum-Turgutreis-Didim and Fethiye-Marmaris routes.

The first leg of the new service, the Bodrum-Turgutreis-Didim voyage, will launch on July 1, while the Fethiye-Marmaris route is set to begin on July 2. The initiative fulfills one of the key election promises of Mayor Ahmet Aras, aiming to provide a sustainable and efficient alternative to road transportation in the region.

In a special feature of the inauguration, researcher and writer Sinan Meydan will deliver a talk aboard the sea bus, discussing the historical significance of the July 1 Cabotage Festival. Following the ceremony, the sea bus will embark on its maiden voyage from Didim to Bodrum, marking the official start of the new maritime service.

The Sea Bus Expeditions service is expected to greatly benefit both residents and tourists, offering a scenic and efficient travel option that enhances connectivity across key coastal destinations in the Muğla and Aydın regions.

Please note: We do not yet have details of timetables, where to buy tickets, or prices.

Source: https://www.gercekfethiye.com/deniz-otobus-seferleri-1-temmuz-da-didim-den-basliyor/79372/

Manhunt Underway for Suspect in Fethiye Triple Homicide

Authorities have launched an intensive investigation to capture a suspect who fled after killing three people and injuring two others in Fethiye district of Muğla.

The suspect, identified as Özcan A., allegedly shot and killed his father-in-law, Şükrü Aysu (53), and his mother-in-law, Adile Aysu (52), at their home in Kayaköy District. The attack is believed to have been motivated by long-standing hostility between the families.

After the initial shootings, Özcan A. reportedly sought his wife at a nearby villa. Upon encountering Muhammet Akbaba, who was cleaning the pool, the suspect shot him as well. Despite being rushed to the hospital, Akbaba succumbed to his injuries.

Emergency health and gendarmerie teams were dispatched to the scene following reports of the shootings. In a separate incident at another villa, Özcan A. is accused of injuring two additional individuals, whose identities have not yet been disclosed. The injured parties are currently receiving treatment at local hospitals.

The suspect abandoned his car in a forested area close to the crime scenes and remains at large. Law enforcement units are conducting thorough searches of the highway and surrounding forest area to apprehend him.

Residents are urged to stay vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the authorities immediately. The community remains on high alert as the search continues.

Source: https://www.muglagazetesi.com.tr/muglada-silahli-saldiri-3-kisi-oldu-2-kisi-yaralandi-163202h.htm

Tuba the Turtle Travels 28,000 Kilometers in Four Years, Breaking Records

A remarkable journey by Tuba, a 30-year-old Caretta caretta sea turtle, has captured the attention of researchers and wildlife enthusiasts worldwide. Equipped with a satellite tracking device, Tuba traveled an astounding 28,000 kilometers over four years and two months, making her one of the longest-monitored sea turtles in the Mediterranean and possibly the world.

Tuba is one of 50 Caretta carettas released into the sea with satellite tracking devices by the Sea Turtle Research, Rescue, Rehabilitation and Information Center (DEKAMER) in Muğla. These turtles are continuously monitored to gather critical data on their migratory patterns, feeding areas, and behavior.

Prof. Dr. Yakup Kaska, a leading researcher at DEKAMER, highlighted the importance of this project in understanding the lives of sea turtles. “Sea turtles spend most of their lives in the sea, where they face significant threats. By tracking their movements with satellite chips, we aim to uncover vital information about their migratory routes, feeding habits, and behaviors,” Kaska explained.

Tuba’s journey began on Dalyan Iztuzu Beach and saw her traveling extensively across the Mediterranean. Initially, she spent two months off the coast of Marmaris, then reached Greece in about a month. Over the next few years, she visited the coasts of Malta, Italy, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, Montenegro, and Croatia. In the past year, she was observed in the Ionian Sea, south of Italy.

“Tuba’s route was viewed on the map 8.7 million times,” Kaska noted. “Her journey, spanning 28,000 kilometers in 50 months, exceeded our expectations and set a record for the longest-tracked Caretta caretta in the Mediterranean.”

In addition to Tuba, other tracked turtles have also made remarkable journeys. A turtle named Mersin, released from Iztuzu Beach four years ago, returned to its namesake coast in Mersin after four years. Other turtles, including Berra, Begüm, Beste, Benan, Leyla, Özlem, Muhsine, Lycia, and Patara, are currently located along the Tunisian coast. Kadriye is in Italy, and Beyza is in Libya, while Özlem and Meyra returned to Iztuzu Beach after three years.

Conservation Success

As of June 25, 503 sea turtle nests have been protected, and hatchlings safely guided to the sea. The “Special Environmental Protection Zones Sea Turtles Satellite Monitoring Project,” supported by the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, has garnered positive global attention.

The project’s findings are crucial for the protection of sea turtles’ habitats. Understanding their migratory and non-breeding periods helps researchers implement effective conservation measures. The ages of the monitored sea turtles range from 20 to 50 years.

This groundbreaking project not only aids in the preservation of these majestic creatures but also provides invaluable data for future conservation efforts.

Source: https://www.patronlardunyasi.com/uydu-takip-cihazi-takilarak-denize-salinan-tuba-kaplumbaga-4-yil-2-ayda-28-bin-kilometre-yol-kat-etti

Antalya joins renowned Cittaslow network

The Mediterranean province of Antalya has become a member of the Cittaslow network, joining 291 other cities worldwide.

By joining the movement, Antalya aims to foster sustainable development and strengthen international cooperation, thus improving its quality of life and global recognition as an eco-friendly city.

The 2024 Cittaslow International General Assembly took place in Città Sant’Angelo, Italy, from June 20-23. The event gathered representatives, mayors, local government officials and community leaders from around the globe. This year’s assembly welcomed over 200 delegates from 30 countries, including senior representatives from various Cittaslow districts across the world. Key topics discussed included sustainable urban development, tourism, environmental initiatives and economic sustainability.

Founded in Italy in 1999, Cittaslow combines the Italian word “Città” and the English word “Slow,” meaning “Calm City.”

Source: https://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/antalya-joins-renowned-cittaslow-network-197847

Kilyos shores emerge as premier spot for kitesurfers

The northern coast of Istanbul, particularly the shores of Kilyos, has become a haven for kitesurfers amidst the current warm and breezy weather of the Black Sea.

Surfers, reveling in the gusts as they somersault over the waves, rise about 20 meters above the sea, reaching unprecedented heights of adrenaline.

“The summer winds have commenced. The north wind blows in the afternoon. We endeavor to savor it as much as possible. We come here three or four days a week as long as there is wind,” surfer Uğur İyigün said.

Highlighting the liberating sensation of kiteboarding, İyigün noted that Kilyos caters to both professional and amateur surfers alike.

Emphasizing the suitability of Turkish seas for surfing due to their favorable wave heights, İyigün pointed out that the country’s western and northern shores are particularly conducive to this sport.

Surfing lessons are also offered on some of Istanbul’s most frequented beaches, with these sessions, conducted by expert instructors, welcoming enthusiasts of all ages.

In Kilyos, approximately 150-2,000 students receive training annually, with practice sessions typically commencing in mid-May and concluding in October.

The island of Gökçeada in the Aegean Sea, renowned for its magnificent beaches, historical richness and natural beauty, has also emerged as a paradise for wind and kitesurfing enthusiasts, ranking among the prime locations in Europe.

Source: https://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/kilyos-shores-emerge-as-premier-spot-for-kitesurfers-197889


Thank you to Brian Lloyd for the sport update.


The transfer period for the 2024-2025 football season has officially commenced in Türkiye, marking the start of a busy time for clubs and players. The Turkish Football Federation (TFF) announced that the First Transfer and Registration Period started on June 24 and will continue for 82 days, concluding on September 13, 2024.

Following the departure of Fethiyespor goalkeeper Enes Fidayeo on May 23, another key player has announced his exit. Midfielder Selim Kayacı has declared his departure from Fethiyespor via a statement on his social media account.

Fethiyespor defender Sezer Özmen also left the team.

As Fethiyespor prepares for the upcoming season, the club is expected to be active in the transfer market to fill the gaps left by departing players and strengthen the squad for the challenges ahead in the TFF 2nd League White Group.

Source: Gerçek Fethiye

Fethiyespor Kicks Off 1st Stage Camp Training Under Coach Selahaddin Dinçel

Fethiyespor has officially commenced their 1st Stage camp training today, guided by head coach Selahaddin Dinçel. The team is gearing up for the upcoming season with rigorous training sessions designed to enhance their physical fitness and tactical prowess.

Coach Dinçel emphasized the importance of this initial phase, stating that it will lay the groundwork for a successful campaign. The players are reported to be in high spirits, showing great enthusiasm and determination as they embark on this critical phase of their preparation.

Source: Gerçek Fethiye

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Türkiye National Team Advances to Last 16 in Euro 2024

In a thrilling conclusion to their group stage campaign, the Türkiye National Team secured a victory in their last group game, propelling them into the last 16 of the Euro 2024 competition. The win marks a significant achievement for the team and their supporters.

The tournament now transitions to a straight knockout format, where each match determines the fate of the teams: a win means progressing to the next round, while a loss results in elimination from the competition.

Türkiye’s next challenge is against Austria, scheduled for Tuesday. The match will kick off at 22:00 Türkiye time (20:00 UK time). Fans are eagerly anticipating this high-stakes encounter as the team continues its quest for European glory.

Turkish Lira (TL) exchange rates

The British Pound bought 41.38 TL by the close of business on Friday. The week before it was selling for 41.54 TL.

The US Dollar bought 32.73 TL by the close of business on Friday. The week before it was selling for 32.84 TL.

The Euro bought 35.09 TL by the close of business on Friday. The week before it was selling for 35.11 TL.

Source: exchangerates.org.uk

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