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Recipes: Traditional Haydarı (Tangy Yogurt Dip)

Normally served as part of a meze spread, this tangy, yogurt based dip has hints of garlic and herbs. Traditional Haydarı recipes such as this use strained yoghurt and a little white cheese for extra zing. 


1 Large garlic clove

Generous pinch of salt

2 Teaspoons Turkish white cheese (Beyaz Peyniri) or Feta cheese

1 Teaspoon Extra virgin olive oil

400 Grams strained yogurt

Small amount of fresh dill, chopped fine

Small amount of fresh mint chopped fine / pinch of dried mint


Using a heavy set pestle & mortar grind together the salt and garlic to form a combined puree. 

Using a small to medium bowl mash the cheese with the back of a fork or spoon and add in the oil.

Mix in the yogurt, garlic and if you wish for a smoother dip a little water.

Stir in the chopped dill and mint.

Chill until serving

Once ready to serve drizzle with a little extra olive oil and if you wish a few flakes of pul biber – Aleppo pepper flakes. 

Source: Exploring the Turkish Kitchen

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