Fethiye – the best holiday destination

Stressless, placeless, traceless – but in paradise… September is the perfect month to jet off on holiday and enjoy the last weeks of summer in the sun. There are many fabulous destinations and making a decision as to which one to choose can be quite difficult. Here at Fethiye Times, we’re happy to admit that […]

Mick’s Birthday clean-up

What do you do on your birthday? Have a party, go out for a meal, go away on holiday? Not Mick Scarsbrook. Mick Scarsbrook (Mick Amca) is a man who is passionate about the environment. He campaigns tirelessly to educate people to dispose of rubbish responsibly as well as regularly doing clean-ups himself. Birthday pick-up […]

Davraz Ski Resort near Isparta, Türkiye

Türkiye is not widely known for its ski resorts, although there are more than 20 in total. Davraz in Isparta is just one of the up-and-coming resorts. A couple of hours’ drive from the south coast, within easy reach from Antalya and Fethiye.  Lift passes and ski hire are so cheap compared to resorts around […]

Çalış – so much more than just a beach

Çalış, with its long stretch of beach, cooling afternoon breeze, and beautiful sunsets, is a popular destination for both locals and holidaymakers alike.  But Çalış is so much more than just a beach. Grab a coffee, make yourself comfortable and watch this video from Mick and Trudie to see why you should choose Çalış for […]

Kaş and Kekova

If you’re looking for a lovely holiday destination in Türkiye, you may have just found it! Welcome to Kaş and Kekova, fishing villages that have become popular holiday destinations, but have kept their charm.  Mick & Trudie show you around this lovely area of Türkiye and look at the interesting things to see there. To […]

The best of Adana – much more than just a kebab

One of the oldest continuously inhabited settlements of the world and with a name unchanged for at least four millennia, Adana was a market town at the Cilicia plain and one of the gateways from Europe to the Middle East. The city turned into a powerhouse of Cilicia with the Turkic takeover in 1359 21st-century Adana, the sixth-largest city […]

A look at Yerguzlar Caddesi with Mick and Trudie

Mick and Trudie take a closer look at Yerguzlar Caddesi, a popular street with locals and ex-pats, which is less than 1km from Çalış Beach resort, but not well known to tourists.  Mick gives an insight into the numerous cafes, restaurants and drinking establishments in the street and explains why its become so popular. To […]

What’s in Antalya?

The main city of the Mediterranean coast, Antalya is also one of the most modern and fashionable. Set on the Gulf of Antalya, the city commands a superb position overlooking a sweeping beach towards the soaring peaks of the Bey Mountains (Beydağları). Sophisticated Antalya has all the amenities of big city life – museums, restaurants, […]

Explore the hidden ruins of Kastabara with Mick and Trudie

Once the heat of the summer fades away, thoughts turn to places to visit in the cooler months. There are so many wonderful places to visit in the area, it’s difficult to know where to start. A little-known place is the ancient settlement of Kastabara, a one-hour’s climb from the village branching off Tezli Bel which […]

The very best of Ankara

Ankara, the capital city of Türkiye, is a city of ministries, embassies, museums, parks, shopping centres and sprawling suburbs, all waiting to be explored. And of course, it is the home of the famous Atatürk’s mausoleum, the superb Anıtkabir, one of the must-sees of the city. And so, without further ado, let’s take a look […]