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Exploring Çanakkale, Gallipoli War memorials, and so much more with Mick and Trudie

Çanakkale occupies the narrowest point of the straits called the Dardanelles, which are 1,200m wide at this point. In 450 BC, the Persian King Xerxes built a bridge of boats here to land his troops in Thrace, and the final battles of the Peloponnesian War took place in these waters around 400 BC.

Today, ferry services link Çanakkale with Kilitbahir and Eceabat on the other side making it the most convenient base for tours of the Gallipoli battlefields across the straits.

The town has an attractive harbour, a naval museum and a colossal wooden horse that stands on the town’s waterfront.

Çanakkale means ‘pottery castle’ and the town was once a centre for the production of high-quality kaolin for a flourishing ceramics industry.

Source: DK Eyewitness Travel Turkey

Mick and Trudie paid a visit to have a look at what the city of Çanakkale has to offer, including the popular streets, museums, ferry boats, the worlds longest bridge, the most visited war memorials, including ANZAC cove, the town of Gallipoli and the famous ruins of Troy.

Let’s take a look with them …

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