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“Very superstitious” – a guide to Turkish superstitions – the sequel

When we published an article on Turkish superstitions, we had such a great response from our readers when we asked what other superstitions they were aware of that we just had to bring you the sequel.

Here’s the first article if you missed it.

“Very superstitious” – a guide to Turkish superstitions – the sequel

Always wear a vest and socks or you’ll get sick.

Ice cream and cold drinks give you throat problems.

If a dog howls at night, this could be a sign of impending doom. If you reverse your slippers, you can avoid the disaster.

Don’t sit in a breeze as you will catch pneumonia.

Don’t walk barefoot on cold tiles as your kidneys will fall out.

Never eat fish and yoghurt together, you’ll die.

Wrap your newborn baby in honey and swaddling for three days and they won’t smell when they get older.

Don’t cut a child’s hair for the first year. Yes, you guessed it …it zaps their phyiscal strength.

Don’t swim in a lake at night because it is believed that that is when pixies and genies bathe and, if you happen to be in the water at the same time, you may get struck by some calamity.

You are not supposed to sweep your house at night, as it may invite poverty into your life, and if someone is hit with a broom, they could very well become paralyzed.

Dog hair gives you cancer.

Similarly, don’t let the cat in the house because if a hair gets in your food it will travel to your brain and you’ll die.

Don’t whistle at night because you may unknowingly be calling on the devil.

Being buried on a Friday is deemed lucky.

Don’t put a handbag on the floor as your money will sink into the ground. Turkish women put their bags on chairs.

Don’t clip your nails at night as it will shorten your life. Also, make sure you throw out all nail clippings when you do because otherwise, you may have a spell put on you. Some believe the devil comes in at night and takes them to create another ‘person’

Never ever make a joke about bread and never put your shopping bag on the floor if it contains bread. Throwing out bread would certainly bring bad luck.

Don’t hold or stifle a sneeze your kidneys will burst!

Gum shouldn’t be chewed at night because there is a belief here in Turkey that when you do, you are actually chewing the flesh of the dead.

A good one to finish with…

Donning red underwear on New Year’s Eve will bring you good luck and fortune for the upcoming year! Did you?

This article was first published on March 2019.

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