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Help the 2 Minute Foundation to protect ocean health

Earlier this year, we brought you an article about the 2 Minute Foundation, a charity campaigning to clean up our planet, two minutes at a time.

If you missed the article, you can read it here:

Since 2013, local communities have come together and helped prevent over 400 tonnes of plastic from entering the ocean.

Help the 2 Minute Foundation to protect ocean health

The 2 Minute Foundation is running their first Crowdfunder as a charity and every donation made will be matched by Aviva, which is excellent news!

We need your help!
With the growing climate crisis and pollution of our oceans, our work becomes even more important. We cannot do this without you, please support us today to help us work hard to support our oceans for generations to come. Money raised from this campaign will help us to continue spreading our message far and wide, fund Beach School places and enable us to install more clean up stations around the UK.

Show your support

You can find out more and show your support by making a donation at the link below:


On the date of publication (26 November 2023), there are 17 days left to donate.

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