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Kuş dili – the whistle language of the Black Sea

Have you ever wondered how one can whistle his or her way to communicate with others, without uttering a single word? As of 2019, what started as a primitive way of communication between a group of villagers in the Black Sea region’s Çanakçı district, is studied at Türkiye’s Giresun University Faculty of Tourism – the […]

UNESCO World Heritage sites in Türkiye – part one

Did you know that there are 21 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Türkiye? There are 19 cultural heritage sites and 2 mixed heritage sites. Mixed heritage sites contain elements of both natural and cultural significance. If you enjoy visiting cultural and historic sites, here’s part one of two articles that may help you to choose the ones for […]

Hıdırellez – Türkiye’s spring festival

Hıdırellez, a traditional festival to usher in spring, falls on May 6 each year and celebrations start on May 5 around the country, especially among the Roma community … Hıdırellez is regarded as one of the most important seasonal festivals in both Türkiye and parts of the Middle East.  Called the Day of Hızır (Ruz-ı Hızır) in […]