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Vartur Real Estate: Turkish Citizenship by Investment

This article provides an overview of the benefits, requirements, and process of obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment.

Benefits of the Turkey Investment Visa

The Turkey Investment Visa offers many advantages, such as:

 The ability to live, work, and study in the country just like a Turkish citizen.

 Access to world-class healthcare services and excellent educational opportunities.

 The right to own property and businesses in Turkey is unrestricted.

There are no restrictions on travel within the Schengen area.

 The ability to obtain dual citizenship with other countries, if allowed under Turkish law

Residency Requirements for the Turkey Investment Visa

In order to apply for the Turkey Investment Visa, you must meet certain requirements:

Have a valid passport from your home country or another country that does not conflict with Turkish law.

Be able to prove that you have sufficient funds to support yourself and your family during your stay in Turkey. This can include funds from investments, employment, or other sources of income.

Have an official document (usually issued by an embassy or consulate) stating that you have no criminal record in your home country or abroad.

Who Can Apply for a Turkey Investment Visa?

The following individuals are eligible for the investment visa:

Business owners who want to invest in Turkey’s economy and create jobs in the country

Investors who want to purchase real estate in Turkey or set up a business entity there.

Professionals with specific skills, such as doctors, engineers, or IT professionals, are needed in the local market.

Retirees who are looking for a place with excellent healthcare services and an active lifestyle.

Students who want to pursue higher education at one of Turkey’s prestigious universities.

Family members can be included as dependents on an investor’s visa application form if they meet certain criteria, such as being married or related

by adoption or blood relation. For example, spouses and children under 18 can be added as dependents. However, unmarried adult children between the ages of 18 and 26 must provide extra paperwork, such as financial statements and, if applicable, marriage certificates.

How Do I Apply For A Turkey Investment Visa?

The application process for a Turkish investor visa involves the following:

Submitting all required documents: You must submit proof of sufficient funds, a valid passport, and a certificate of eligibility, along with other documents such as tax returns, bank statements, and financial statements that show your assets and liabilities in detail. If applicable, you may also need to provide information about any family members included on your application forms, such as marriage certificates and birth certificates.

Receiving a Certificate of Eligibility: After submitting all necessary documents related to your application for citizenship through the investment program, you will receive an official certificate stating that you meet all eligibility requirements for the program. This certificate is necessary when applying for residency rights from local immigration authorities.

Obtaining a Residency Permit: The final step is getting your residency permit from local immigration authorities before entering Turkey. Once approved, this permit allows holders full access to all rights granted under Turkish law, including work, education and healthcare services. You will also be required to pay applicable fees at this stage.

Does Turkey allow dual nationality?

Yes, under certain conditions, the Republic of Turkey’s laws allow people to have more than one nationality. However, individuals must first submit an application form along with relevant supporting documents before relevant authorities approve it. A valid residence permit is also required before it can be granted, so those considering dual nationality should make sure they have all the necessary paperwork before starting their application process.

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